Readings: “When you hit 60, you just become OLD. All your characteristics are erased.

Reaction: Make the most out of your “younger” age while you can.

Odd dialogue:

just had the best value supper with Jason at an Irish pub. 1$ oysters that are set out beautifully on a bed of veggies. Calamari. Drank a couple of glasses of red wine. Latino band is playing.

After mentioning that my signal lights are blinking furiously Jason diagnosed that my bulb is out and volunteered to change it.

At the parking lot with Jason and the Parts salesman.

Jason: ha ha ha. He looks like the guy from Apple Pie.

Jay: what apple pie?

Jason: the movie with Stifler and the kid trying to sleep with Stifler’s mom

Jay: Oh, American Pie.

salesman: probably just the hair but not the facial features.

Jason: no, you look like him. Ha ha.

Jay: oh, he (salesman) is a lot more good looking than that actor.

saleman: some people say I look like James Franco

Jay: there you go.

Funny how the salesman’s demeanour changed from confident “work” mode to very insecure person.