Took advantage of being in Boise and watching a couple of Indie flicks that are not being shown in theatres in Calgary. They were good but I was happier with the T-Shirt I got with a Boise print in front and a printed picture of James Dean at the back for only $9.00.

Birdman, the front runner for this year’s Oscars was amazing but excruciating to watch as well. It was too weird and methodical for my taste. The acting were superb.

Wild, was more up my alley. The story of a woman who hiked the Pacific trail while having personal issues. Almost similar to my style of discovering oneself and deal with life while doing unlikely stuff.

Will be leaving Boise early in the morning for Reno. My stay in Boise this time is satisfying. Not explosive as last year but it gave me another chance to enjoy what this city has to offer.