Just drove through the Nevada basin from Boise to Reno. This swath of dirt land could be a candidate for “Middle of Nowhere” title in continental USA. There is not a single town with population over 100 within a three hundred mile radius. The small pockets with inhabitants are called Basque stations and there is one with a Basque museum even. My nice experience on this drive was I got to eat several Basque chorizos, one was from a breakfast plate at a café and the other from a convenience store.

Arrived at Reno at sunset and went straight to the El Dorado hotel and got some rest. Judging from the crowd inside the hotel, Reno is even worse than Vegas as it looks like a ghetto meets white trash fusion. On the upside, the hotel, the service and the food was better than the low-end hotels of Vegas like Excalibur, etc. Went to the pub inside the hotel which they say was awarded one of the best brew pubs in the US. I lined up for like 15 minutes and couldn’t get a drink. Some nice looking young crowd. There is still hope for Reno.