I wasn’t expecting it but got a white Christmas at Lake Tahoe. A snow storm to be exact. The people in Calgary got a brown Christmas despite being nearer to the north pole.

Lake Tahoe is a nice place. Where else can you find a ski mountain and a big body of water beside each other? The shops and hotels are swanky as well. The surrounding national forests are not bad either because there are a lot of huge mature trees. The downside could be the horrifying drive on narrow roads that have like a thousand meter drop if you miss the road. Some roads have really vertical slopes. Que horror. I could possibly come for a Snowglobe music fest (held every December 29-31) in some other time.

In the Reno-Tahoe combo, you can choose to just ignore Reno although my verdict on Reno is that it is passable because of the comfortable rooms and the Vegas like atmosphere but without the huge crowds. They need the celebrities and the hip vibe to compete with Vegas.

I was impressed when the California police stopped everyone in the highway to give them chain links in their cars to avoid slipping in the icy roads due to the snow storm. Funny how the police reacted when I said I have studded tires. It appears, studded tires are unusual in California and his eyes just bulged trying to see if there were actual studs in the tires and then he paused for a bit as if reading an imaginary manual in the sky. Lol.