So, I have decided to go the opposite direction (north) instead of warmer Los Angeles and Vegas, and it all the fault of Reese Witherspoon. After watching “Wild” I got more curious about the rainy forests of Oregon, the hippies of Ashland and the Crater Lake. I felt LA to be too crowded anyway and the freeways too dangerous for me.

Along the way, I checked out Roseville, Marysville and Chico and I wasn’t impressed. It was Redding, my stopover that impressed me. It is very clean and beautiful with interesting foodie establishments and a cool mall. I’m surprised that this is not in the radar of so-called experts at ranking the most livable places. With a population of less than 100,000 it is packed with more scenic and interesting places than other similar small cities I’ve been to.

Next stop tomorrow: Ashland