The goal is to find a retreat/home base for the next half of “life”. One of the criteria would be that it should be in an area with 100K to 300K population and should be within 3 hours of a major metropolis. Another criteria is that it should be beside a woody national park. And another is that it should be interesting and full of ideas. I have two candidates that met this: Redding in California and Eugene in Oregon. Now, it would just be matter of how the future situations will unfold.

Finally, after finding a suitable home base to take roots, I am over Philippines. For the last time, I am planning to live for a short period in the Philippines to pack up and liquidate. Two trips in 2015 will do this. This trip will be meaningful as this will be my only experience of living in the Philippines where I feel financially secure.

I’m planning to spend more time writing, painting and composing. First off would be writing that fantasy novel that I have been harboring since high school. Next is writing some lyrics for songs and learning to play guitar to add music to the lyrics.