I had breakfast at “Country Kitchen” in Redding because I saw the banner “Best Breakfast in Redding”. I ordered the corned beef plate as always trying to find that corned beef taste I loved way back 30 years ago. The current Pure Foods corned beef does not taste the way it was before. I could not find that taste in Canada and in some parts of the USA as well. But I found it in Redding. So the “Carne Norte” taste might have been developed by a Californian. Lol.

Ashland did not look anything like a hippie place. Then I remembered that Reece Witherspoon’s character in the movie “Wild” was in Ashland in 1995. I guess 20 years later Ashland is now an upscale community with lots of trendy shops selling pricey jewelry, art, and boutiques. There are lots of Peace and Love signs but these are coming from a community in an ivory tower. I only saw a couple of transplanted hippie bums who looked grumpy and bewildered and complaining. Maybe, they too have expectations shattered.