I am thinking of writing a book. I have three major topics that I would like to write on. I’m wondering if the topics are coherent enough for a single book or should they just be three short articles. The topics are:

Overpopulation: The root cause of global warming and why there are way more global warming activists than overpopulation alarmists.

Life of a single man. Why this lifestyle is shunned and why this is a good alternative considering today’s society.

Finance for the single middle aged guy (with templates). How I should have managed my finances and how I am going to manage it moving forward.

So, now I have three books planned. The one above. My Fantasy-fiction book and my autobiographical book.

Here is one episode in my autobiographical book that I will build and execute this summer. The story of me learning how to play the guitar and then pose myself as an ageing hippie musician and then go to Oregon this summer and conduct jam sessions with the hippies.