December 30 was supposed to be an extremely bad day but I have avoided three worst case scenarios.

First is I was supposed to get my oil change at Walmart in Haley, Idaho  at 10:00 AM and shop while my car is checked. But for some stingy calculation I chose not to do it. I’ve learned from Yahoo News that a mom was shot and killed by a 2 year old at 10:20 AM on that store.

Second is I forgot I had some beer in my trunk and the customs saw it and I have to pay tax. Worst case is I would have been booked and flagged around all entrances but the border guard thought it was silly and got me off the hook. Having traveled a lot this past year and exposing myself to the world out there I have realized I need to be very careful as being a single, middle aged Asian guy attracts negative attention. And I have to declare war on that certain demographic that looks at me like I’m a pest and in their minds they would have already obliterated me. There are some exceptions but the vast majority are cruel and black on the inside. …to be continued.