Third is I lost control of the car when I avoided two overlapping huge deer crossing in an icy road on a dark night in the middle of nowhere. Avoiding the first deer was like maneuvering the millennium falcon on Star wars but avoiding the second one made my car spin and I thought for a moment that I would fall on the deep ditch. But for some miracle my car stopped abruptly on the side of the road, perfectly placed, 180 degree and I can see the oncoming traffic on the road. My car engine died and one guy checked me out if I was OK. The first thing that came to my mind when my car stopped abruptly like there was an invisible barrier was that an invisible hand or mountain spirits helped me because I made an effort not to kill the two adult deer.

It was a horrible near miss that should have ranked 9 out of ten in shock value for a similar situation but on that moment it felt only like a 3 out of ten and I was calm. More fortunate points is that my car managed to start again and I was able to go back home. And the two deer were spared!