Quotes: From Janis Ian’s song “At 17”

“I learned the truth at 17, that love was meant for beauty queens…So remember those who win the game, lose the love they sought to gain…to those of us who knew the pain, of valentines that never came.”

Last year’s song of the road trip is Passenger’s “Let Her Go”. This years is Hozier’s “Take Me To Church”. I heard the song while driving in middle of nowhere Jordan Valley. I liked the tune, the voice and the emotive quality – it just a struck a nerve. I didn’t know the song is an anti organized religion song but I didn’t really care and I was singing to it with my own made up and absurd lyrics.

It just came to me while driving that what if religion is white man’s “comfort food”. This will make the black and other races even more ridiculous. Then while I was listening to the radio the guest speaker affirmed that. She was a successful TV host of native background and said she turned away from religion when she was eighteen, because to her, religion is for the white people. I didn’t hear the part how she got her religion back.

Listening to the radio while driving in Cranbrook, there was also a radio guest who was a Pakistani immigrant woman and says the greatest thing in life she learned while immigrating to Canada and that is “Enjoying life without money”. She says in Pakistan, you are pressured to make money by the people around you and she was happy that in Canada she knew nobody and there was no pressure to make money. And even though she didn’t make much money – she was happy.