This development all came down in 2014 and on my 41st year (or am I 42 already? I’m not sure).

1. Accelerated hair loss

2. Knee pain (I cannot go backpacking again as it puts too much strain on my knee – this happened in my November Portland trip)

3. Face getting wrinklier. (I used to cover this with the youth cream, now there are crevases taking shape in my face that cannot be remedied by the youth cream.

4. Back pain. I cannot go on long drives as this will result. I am now standing and walking like that “lolo” pose where you arch your back and hold it to ease the pain.

5. I need to have my prostate checked. Last year, I didn’t have this problem but doing the long drive this year I noticed that I need to take a leak every 30 minutes to one hour. I have even developed a way to take a piss while driving (which is not very safe and I shouldn’t do this actually. lol)