Quotes: “Life passes by to people making grand plans”.

Spokane was not that bad as I originally thought. The last time I came to Spokane it was really snowy. They have some bit of a nightlife and a passable mall. The experience in Spokane this time around only reinforces my belief that there is a certain connection between certain people. Others just don’t connect even if the outside appearance is appealing. Then, there are just some people who are cynical and somewhat evil and cruel. Is there any study what causes people to be like this?

Mall/Shopping District Comparison: Spokane Northland Mall – small but adequate. Redding Mall – lots of unique dining and shops, a lot bigger than expected. Ashland – all unique dining and shops. No franchises. Shops are mostly jewelry and boutiques.

Notes. There were two shops in Spokane selling unique gift items that were operated by two somewhat old guys. I thought of opening up this type of store before, but after seeing the sad and weary faces of the owners, I suppose I will not venture on this one.