2015 is not getting to a good start and I am feeling down and heavily sentimental. Soaked in the tub for like two hours listening to a concoction of Hotel California, Bohemian Rhapsody, Without You, Annie’s Song etc. I kind of realized that my calmness on my near miss could be attributed to the fact that I’m already burdened with a far greater sadness that falling on a deep ditch would be less painful (Ala The Fault of Our Stars drama). I feel like I would rather be enclosed in a sarcophagus for 300 years and then come out as a mummy to terrorize people.

Then I have to drag myself to a movie theatre knowing that I absorb the emotions of what I see and I decided to watch “A Night At the Museum”. I was watching Robin Williams closely as this is his last movie. I can see pain in his eyes. But his last words on his last film has affected me positively – “Get ready for your next adventure”.