Leonard Nimoy’s last tweet. “A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.”

It’s my third day watching the tournament. This is my second Masters tournament with the first being Toronto. But this is my first full blown tournament and I’ve seen almost all of the big players. Also not counting the Olympics at Wimbledon where I only caught a glimpse of. And the verdict (pronounced as Berdych):

On a Tennis tournament: this is a must thing to do once a year, with a maximum of two per year. A great way to see the best players and see the arrival and progress of the up and comers. Next plans: 2016: Wimbledon, 2017: Aussie Open, 2018: French Open, 2019: US Open.

On Indian Wells/Palm Springs: They say if Palm Springs is a person, it would be Joan Collins. Although they are saying, it now looks like Demi Moore. A well manicured and landscaped paradise in the desert for retirees. A lot of old people. 50% of people watching the tournament are over 60 years. Not a place for young and single looking to hook up with another young and single.

Tennis is nice to watch and see the beauty of the strokes that the players are painting. It’s Art in action. Also a good strategy game.

Nadal is the most imposing. But I am now a follower of Borna Coric, the ATP star of tomorrow and youngest in top 100.  And he looks like Evan’s brother from another mother. The similarity in looks, form, movement and expression is uncanny.