“Life is too precious. Simplify. Chill” – Kongos

“Too blessed to be stressed” – Rebelution

This music Fest is perfectly timed with Indian Wells tennis. This fest is about the celebration of St. Paddy’s day and so is held the weekend before St. Paddys. The name itself has references to Irish tradition. It appears I have the same tastes as the organizers as I was able to get live performances of four of my top 10 songs of 2014 in just two nights. I think that the 8 artists per day were carefully selected and arranged to provide diversity and the selection was a perfect mix of alternative pop, dj dance, electronic disco, heavy metal and indie music. Huge crowd. The beauty quotient is about average.(edit: now updated to above average). This festival is held close to Arizona State University. The price is a steal for only $49 per day. Cheaper than a round of golf or a splurgy restaurant meal. Friday is mostly performances at night. The big guns of ASU could show up in the baking hot Saturday and Sunday afternoon performances. I usually give bad reviews of Phoenix, Arizona when I’m asked because the last I was here I was on the wrong side of town. Tempe district of Phoenix where ASU is located is very hip and trendy with commercial buildings housing big names like Microsoft, KPMG and US Airways.

The downside is I have to sleep in my car for the three day duration as all accommodations have been booked and there are a few left that have about 4 times the normal rates. It was OK. I slept for five hours and I can even remember my dream which was about people slowly turning to wood. This could be a good preparation for my month long Americantrip and European trip.