This is reflecting on the general theme of the musicians of the Music Festival. “Life is precious. Simplify. Chill.” I realized this is my first real tennis tournament and music Fest after about 10 years of living in North America. And i had great fun on both events. What have I done with my life? And then I thought about it that I only have about two more years of having a really good time and then a deep chasm of obscurity. Or maybe the window is already closed. I have figured a grand plan of enjoying life and it sort of encompassing two years ending in the Houston Superbowl in February 2017. Then I can take on whatever, like being a monastic monk or a hard working charitable entrepreneur.

I developed a sudden big distaste for office politics. I suffered a huge dehydration before my vacation and it was like my body’s response to cleanse out the accumulated shit that I tolerated. Now, a requirement in my life would be to anchor on something more noble. Thus, the need to reconfigure my life as my tolerance level has suddenly became quite thin. And of course still working on a new image for myself. Perhaps a more dignified version of the ageing hipster?