“Think boundlessly, Work purposely and Live passionately” – forgot the name to give credit for this line.

Fast facts for C-ville. – many accolades for best in … Most recent is #1 Best College Town in America, 2014. Others in the past years include #1 City to live, #1 Place to Retire and #1 Healthiest place in America. It is also the hometown of Fil-am tennis player Treat Huey. And I don’t even have to research about how cool this city is. I just pick it from the map.

In thinking about what could have been, I think one of the biggest misplays in my life would be not taking Nursing or other health profession. It would have been a profession that I would have excelled and brought bigger contribution to the world. And the fact that it was offered in Iloilo and everyone was flocking to it. I’m satisfied with accounting as this would be my third best, if inclination and ability is concerned but not being in Nursing is a big duh.

Worst misplay of the week: Travelling to a place for only two days, not learning or doing any research about the place and not arranging for a vehicle. This is so blah. Lol.