The Chicago Union station is the best Train station I’ve seen, by far. It is monolithic and with the feel of old empire or museum with marble and Corinthian design. What is very even more surprising is that it was very clean and was not even crowded unlike the London and LA stations. A lot of movies were shot here.

Then I went to bar in the station and went for an all-you-can eat salad and soup as it was only for $7.99. Then I found out that they had these preset dinner meals with sides for only $8.99 and one main dish was honey glazed ham and the other was blackened pork chop and that was the time that I totally lost it. I ordered two dinner meals to go after eating buffet salad.

So, the most memorable thing of this trip did not even happen in Chicago or Indianapolis but on a moving train. Record has again been broken and I was very fortunate that of all the passengers in the train, I was with the ‘ideal’ by my own criteria. Then in my soliloquy in the train I remembered that I was able to do this about three or four times in the past which I now think was just a manifestation of an ability. I have tested this for only twice in the last two months after developing a hunch during the same period and the results have been surprising. But the problem is I don’t even practice or use this sort of thing unless there is a ‘compelling’ reason. And, I don’t think it works without the heightened emotion. So, faced with a very compelling reason …the rest is history.  Arriving at Charlottesville, the feeling is I just had a buffet and felt sluggish, full and satisfied and was not up for any exciting trip or activity. Lol.