I virtually picked the site of my two day vacation from the map. The sizeable city after the Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenanandoah river and all those places mentioned in John Denver’s song “Country Roads”. And it met the criteria of 15 to 18 hour train distance from Chicago.

Then I learned that this city of 40 thousand is actually packed with history and interesting stuff. It is the home of three American presidents (Jefferson is one), home to the University of Virginia (which Jefferson founded) and being a university town has lots quaint shops with an eclectic downtown. I also managed to catch a glimpse of Beck’s concert at the outdoor pavilion. The only act that was interesting enough for me during this vacation period and I was fortunate to have picked this city. There were no interesting acts in Chicago or the other big mid-west cities during the period.

Amazed at how green Charlottesville is and the entire West Virginia for that matter. It is like forested with old growth trees and the mountains and hills are under a canopy of dense green foliage. I don’t think Green Environmental movement can blossom here because you are just surrounded with greenness. And the properties are quite cheap. 100,000 for a house. If I get to choose between C’ville and the overpriced Riverside and other Southern Cali towns, I’d choose, yes Virginia, C’ville.