Currently at Starbucks inside the Omni Hotel of Downtown Indianapolis. Just waiting for the Indy parade to start. This is said to be a top 3 biggest parade in the US together with the Pasadena Rose para and the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. Still groggy from last nights train ride. Arrived in Indianapolis at 6:00 AM. I did manage to get about three 1 and half intermittent sleep which would total to about 5 hours which I think is passable.

City was empty at 7:00 AM with Boy Scouts starting to prepare the parade routes. I can’t find any McDonald’s. I think Indianapolis is even ‘worse’ than Chicago. Just high end restaurants without any fast food chain. Indy looks like a smaller version of Chicago which might be more appealing to some. I am impressed at how Chicago and Indy seemed to have preserved their downtown core and blocked incursion of ghetto elements unlike LA which has a big chunk of undesirable and dirty portions. There is a circle in Indy with a statue on top of an obelisk that resembles the Trafalgar square.

i am disappointed at the Parade line-up which only includes Nastia Liukin and Nico and Vinz and no other celebrity. Anyways, if the expected 300,000 people turn up, this will be twice as large as the Calgary Stampede parade attendance. I’ll see how this goes…