“Waiting is the opposite of living” – Colorado ttourism

I was just trying to articulate what was on my mind when I saw this line on TV from Colorado tourism which stated out something like “we had feet so we can travel, we have eyes so we can see the world”. Living a sort of waiting game is not a good way of living. Now I’m thinking that perhaps the banks and the financial companies are trying to convince the world to just save and save and save for retirement so they can profit from the amounts of money deposited.

i am impressed by the kind of vibe that Indianapolis exudes. I feel it’s more laid back than Chicago which I think tries hard to be laid back but doesn’t seem relaxed and seems uptight. I was thinking Indy would be sort of has-been city and I thought it was ridiculous that the Super Bowl was held here three years ago. The roads are crappy but I like the city’s vibe. And Indiana has some the cheapest real properties in the US.

Hotel receptionist to Jay: So this is your first time for Indy 500? Jay response: Is there an expectation for a second time? Receptionist: Some people are making the trip to Indy as a ritual.

I liked watching the Indy 500.It is probably one of the most enjoyable and I like the crowd. It looked so American with the fighter planes, the messages in the sky, the parachutes, the marching bands,