“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life” – Steve Jobs

OK, so I have to admit it that the Indy 500 has become my top favorite sporting event destination, up there in the pole position with the Super Bowl. I’m not even looking forward to watching the next two Olympics. One reason I went to Indy is when I saw it on TV Several years back I enjoyed watching it. I was still skeptical at Indy but just hearing the cars roar in the starting blocks and the roar of the crowd is surreal and i thought i was having an adrenalin rush just sitting and watching it from the stands.

Indy also beats Chicago as a shopping destination. I’ve actually shopped and bought stuff in Indy. They have a good shopping mall. Not anything spectacular but OK mall.

I watched like five episodes of Naked and Afraid reality show from National Geographic while doing my laundry at the hotel. I thought it was interesting and my eyes were just glued on this show. Saw the TV clip for The Bachelorette and it looked more ridiculous than ever. I think I should follow this show. Lol.

So, I have two music festivals and the US Open of Golf coming up for the next two months. I really need to get my body toned as one obvious sign to spot if one is old are the unsightly bulges. OK, so now I have to check out that wig shop in Chicago and maybe they sell wigs for old men. Rebel Wilson is my new idol. She can pass for roles as an 18 year old even though she is already 35! My target, pass as a 32 year old at the age of 42 or 43