The morning drive from Portland to Dufur is awesome. The columbia river, trees, rolling hills, Mt. Hood are in view. Going into What The Festival was painless and im happy with how organized it is despite the long line-up. Had a stroll and looked at the car plates – 40% Oregon, 30% Washington State, 20% California and 10% rest of the world. I’ve set up my tent at the edge of the populated area for remote privacy, or so I thought. I haven’t realized that I was an early bird and ended up being right in the middle of the campsite by the end of the day. This is a nice festival as it permitted me to have 24 cans of beer. Other festivals ban alcohol specially in Canada. I will never go to those festivals without alcohol. I enjoyed the food on offer in the food trucks. Greek and some carrot fries. The artwork and installations in the enchanted forest was very interesting. For more visuals see pictures and videos that I will upload when I have the time. I am fortunate to be an early riser and the line-up to the showers were way shorter. It weird but enjoyed the five minute shower allowed. Semi-outdoor on wooded partitions.