“You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great” – outdoor sign in Blackfoot

“Home is where you are accepted” – British literati who has lived in several countries when asked, where is home.

Quite a long gap to make another post in my journal.

The US Open of golf in Seattle was an eye opening experience which just made me hungry to watch more. The parking was horrendous and the organizers are trying to milk money in every way they could. The concession though was exceptionally affordable. Had a very nice shrimp sandwich. Chambers Bay golf is quite ugly and they describe the course as potato chips. The only good view was Puget sound. The train running beside the course was weird as it can affect anyone’s game. The golfer I wanted to see was Jason Day and the first golfer I see in the course – Jason Day. I still think Jason Day should be the best spokesperson for the Filipino race instead of Manny Pacquiao.

I couldn’t bear to stay at pricey Seattle and have to drive to Portland. While driving i saw a huge wound like formation in the afternoon sky and felt that something terribly wrong has happened and later saw the breaking news about the massacre of black churchgoers. Stayed in Portland and was able to have a nice Portland ‘treat’. Got complimented as “the best”, hmmm..I don’t easily believe it but to get close it would already be a nice compliment. It has filled my appetite for the next weeks.