“The only things that matters most in life are moments and connections. For the remaining vast majority of time we have, there is no difference whether we spend it making loads of money or just saving enough” – Kyle Tinlo

Got a scare when I set my alarm clock late and after driving for four hours arrived at the Shelby,Montana station with only about five minutes until the Empire Builder train came rumbling in. The train was surprisingly ahead of schedule because it usually is an hour late.

The view for the 20 hour trip was not spectacular, mostly flat land with few trees. I did see that the oil companies in the Bakken shale are flaring up the gas as you can visibly see a lot of torch like fire from the ground at night. Minnesota has so many lakes. It’s odd how it feels to be in the middle of the continent and the nearest coastline is thousands of miles away.

Riding the train, I have never seen such hideous hair and outfit combo since Florida. But the people in Florida can be forgiven because they were seniors. Some men in the train had bowl haircut that actually is shaped more like a coconut husk. Some women had frizzy hair that just screams unkept and lazy.