Took a one day ticket to the Summer Set music festival in Somerset, Wisconsin. Rented a car in St. Paul. The very young management trainee, Lundquist, got chummy and touchy after learning that my destination is the music Fest. The music festival have about five times the crowd of What The Fest which surprised me but should have been expected considering it is close to Minneapolis. It is close enough to even have reception for my crappy cell phone carrier. The camping grounds looked nice as it is set on rolling hills with trees but not as cool as WTF where you camp under the trees in the forest itself. The festival was less artsy and carnivalesque as WTF. This one is just rave all you can and most are dressed in shirts and shorts and some in barely-there outfits. There wasn’t much effort from participants to “dress-up”. Still, the crowd which is composed of 95% young white people were as pretty as they can get. The afternoon had a small crowd and was able to catch Robert DeLong perform and he was better than I expected. The size increased exponentially as it went into the night as I’m assuming the kids have now left work on a Friday and have headed to the festival. There were five stages in festival, the main stage which is humongous but easily filled up by the huge crowd, the Grove which is set in a bowl shaped landscape which got too crowded when Odesza performed, the Tent, where they have heavy electonic music. By the time it got to Purity Ring performing at The Meadows, I was dead tired and got to eat chicken on a stick while catching a glimpse of Bassnektar. Oh, and this festival has less diverse food options as they have in WTF with only The usual American staple of burgers, sausages and fries. Still, I really enjoyed my experience here and would like to try the full three day event with camping.