Woke up at 6am at the music festival after sleeping in my rental car. Drove to Green Bay for an estimated 4 hour drive and missed several turns and ended up driving through back country roads and 2 hours more than I expected. The countryside was lush with lots of tree groves and corn fields. If I had a farm, the ideal location would be this area. They even have a Corn Fest (something to check out later in the future) and are selling really big sweet cord for only $4 a dozen. Had a funny scare when I got into an intersection and my radio was blaring with “The most angriest love song” countdown. Then the number 2 song played and it was “I Will Survive”…the song went “First I was afraid, I was petrified” and then I indeed got petrified when I saw that there were two bikers parked beside me and thought that they will get insulted by this song. I hastily tried to change the channel but no avail because this rental car is quite new to me. Then I looked at the bikers and they were just smiling. A sort of amused and non-threatening smile. What a breath of fresh air!, bikers with a sense of humor.

Arrived at Green Bay, an hours drive from Whistling Straits, strategically chosen as I’m expecting the accommodation close to WS will be fully booked. I got a room for only $45 and with more modern and better interior at less than half the price of the motel I got in Minneapolis. Green Bay is a sleepy town of 100k. It is unique because it is the only city with a population this small that has a big time football team – the Packers. The hotel manager – “Nothing going on here except the Packers”. The 10 “things to do” here are all pubs. Had a “taste” of GB and it was average. Nothing spectacular.