Again my alarm did not work and woke up 30 minutes late. Still it was a nice 50 minute drive to WS. The event was well organized, parking, bus – it was very smooth with no hiccup whatsoever. There were police cars in every street intersections within a 5 mile radius.

Arrived at the Golf course and there was orchestral music playing which added to the suspense and thrill. The morning temperature was glorious. They gave out some fancy looking program for free which had the Sunday schedule. Considering that the times were only known a few hours ago, I am impressed with their printing efficiency.  I took my hike to the grounds to familiarize myself and pick my spots. I was early and there are fewer people at this point. The golf course is world class and it is beautiful. The one they had at Chambers Bay for the US Open was a joke.

The spectators are a whopping 97% to 99% white. It is a good thing that Jason Day is leading going into the final round and I can stand tall in the company of these country clubbers and their spawns. I did my shopping and got a few merchandise before the rest were swept away and cleaned out by the crowd of shoppers right before my very eyes. And this is in the early hours. It’s probably got to do with Jordan Spieth being in contention and the public got excited to spend more.

The concession lacked diversity and only sold the usual burgers, fries, sausages and chips. Far less diverse than what Chambers Bay was offering and a bit pricier too.

its currently 12:30 pm while I’m writing this. I’m in the 17th hole and they have wifi available here. It very hot and sunny and the crowd has gotten a lot bigger.