I’m currently at the Union Station in St. Paul waiting for the delayed train to arrive. The drive from Madison to St. Paul was relatively smooth. I had a couple of miscues but recovered from it and didn’t drive far away from the route. While I was returning the car Lundquist spotted me and asked about the festival and if I will come back again, to which I answered that it was a very good experience and will likely come back again.

I had plenty of time to kill in the afternoon so I had to go to the Mall again and I watched the movie Straight Out of Compton which I didn’t intend to watch, and then I remember the funny banner that one black person was holding at the festival which reads “Straight Out of Wiscompton” (Wisconsin).

So, in less than 24 hours I hear three case of people blaring their horn loudly in the Twin Cities for not getting their desired speed on the road. (I hear this many horns in Calgary in a year). One of them drove through a ramp to pass a slower vehicle. And there is also a case when one driver turned the corner knowing fully well that there was an approaching vehicle (me). I would have hit the turd if I didn’t put the brakes on. I think people here are nuts. I have experienced a similar behaviour in Vancouver and I attribute it to self-induced dementia caused by over stretched finances and high cost of living for pretending to keep a high standard of living.

Immigrants are the face of the city with lots of Somalis, Guatemalans, Hmongs. 70% of people using the LRT are minorities. Did the white majority went underground? I think there is little effort for assimilation of minorities here. Another social experiment gone wrong? There are also no groceries or 7-11, fast foods or cheap alternatives for food in the downtown.