“If you want something you never had before, you’ll have to do something you have never done before”

“We didn’t sleep on our humanity” – Art Garfunkel when asked about life after Simon & Garfunkel.

The week came at a bad start as I was handed a script by the HR person on what to tell my subordinate during the letting go meeting. The HR person is a young slot of Vietnamese origin trying hard to be white and normal but is phony and heartless. If one can be judged by the tone of their laughter, she will be somewhere down the bottom. Of course, I deviated from the script but my being powerless to control the situation made me feel like I have been a failure. At the townhall meeting, my boss, the GM, gives the worst speeches, gave an analogy about the tea bag that gets stronger as it is put in water. One young co-employee slot was giggling. Of course, tea bagging is a pornographic word. Then the SVP mentions he likes the tea bag analogy which made me roll my eyes. What do these executives do with their life? Make money, be with family, repeat?

I enjoyed my hiking trip at Mt. Yamnuska and will do more in the coming days but will beware of bears as it is approaching fall season.

I also enjoyed watching Bates Motel and I’m now in the second season. I like watching Vera Farmiga who plays Norman Bate’s mom. I can just call it the Vera Farmiga show. Also finished the Marco Polo season 1.