“Why do the wrong people travel and the right ones stay at home” – Noel Coward, writing these lyrics after seeing travelling elderly ladies determined to have a ball in Capri.

Unfortunately, I’m having the same sentiments as Noel Coward and I have this notion of travelling while still “younger” and stay put at my “happy place” once I’m older.

And I watched the movie “A Walk in the Woods” about two elderly guys attempting to hike the Appalachian trail and how impossible it is to do the hike once you are old. This made me firm up my resolution to hike the Pacific Crest Trail soon, maybe not the entire trail at once but perhaps in three or four section by section and not doing the southern part which has quite a barren landscape. And then perhaps the Appalachian trail. Crap, I need to do more training and conditioning NOW.

And so I watched and finished Season 1 of from Dusk Till Dawn and I did it quite quickly because I got hooked to watching it. I think Eiza Gonzales is one of the most beautiful woman in the world.

Oh, and its my birthday, so happy birthday to me. I was happy when I woke up because I got what I anticipated.