I was happy that I got a cheap plane fare and get to spend a Saturday night…in Dallas! Apparently, the plan did not even get off close to what was expected. After arriving in Dallas at 7:00 PM, I lost an hour just looking for the train to downtown. After finding the train, I noticed that it was deserted and there were only two passengers. I thought that was weird as it was a Saturday night. I thought of depositing my bag at the hotel first, so I got off the first station and took the bus. Then I noticed how dark it was and the environs is sorrounded by talahiban. A setting that reminded me of Laguna where they murder people and leave them in grassy secluded places. And I thought perhaps a rattlesnake will jump at me from the darkness. So I decided to stay put in the hotel and perhaps in the future I will have a chance to verify if “everything is big in Texas” like they say. I did verify that they give big helpings of salad. The greens weren’t as crisp and juicy as they have in California but the serving was well, big. And they have big cans of beer as well. Bought one 25 ounce can for only $2.80.