“They say money can’t buy you happiness. But it can book your flight to Ibiza” – Ibiza promo

  1. Nightlife – Peaks at 3AM and runs till dawn. Clubs open at midnight.
  2. Super Hot! – This is not a reference to the weather
  3. Weather – Sunny but mild. Temperate during winter.
  4. Beaches – Nice sandy beaches with some rocky areas. Light coloured sand that allows you to see big fishes swimming. Warm enough in September than any waters in the US. The carefree young bodies littered on the beaches.
  5. Clubs – Huge, super chic, nightly artsy and erotic performances.
  6. The Superstar DJs in residence – David Guetta, AVICII, Armin Van Buren, Steve Aoki – A huge draw and a big magnet to today’s young generation.
  7. Cuisine – Paella and Jamon Iberico are one of my favourites.
  8. Spanish is not that difficult. A lot of words are used in Ilonngo. I can’t run a conversation (yet) but I can come across in simple transactions.
  9. Music played around the city has emphasis on 70s, 80s, and ballads.
  10. Ferries, cruises and San Miguel is the most popular beer.

Am I a bad person if I wish for the Euro currency to crash?