I just can’t get enough of people watching in Milan and I have to drag myself to the airport. So, Having spent hours looking at and analyzing Milanese fashion, which is equivalent to a crash course of Fashion 101, I have made the following conclusion:

  1. Indigo blue. This is the color that is predominant in Milanese fashion and this color (and its various shades and hue) is both a style choice in itself but also very functional. It is functional in a sense that it can be combined with any color and tones down or complements the other louder and exciting colors. No other color is close to this functionality as Indigo. You need to be good looking to pull off an ensemble without Indigo. This color also hides the extra weight and bulges, similar to black, but black is for elegant occasions and using black on casual occasions is like doing fine dining on an outdoor cafe. Coming far second to indigo would be some good shades of brown like dark chocolate and dark mustard. Grey is a complement but cannot create a big impact on its own.
  2. Fitting clothes and staying fit. – Anything baggy should be burned. Clothes should be tailor fit. The Milanese are predominantly fit people and those that have extra weight hide it well by wearing dark indigo sweaters. The older generation have also mostly maintained their fitness which is admirable and the younger ones look like they stepped out of a Raphaello painting.
  3. Being fashion conscious. I think the Milanese are taking good consideration on their style choices and are influenced by an environment that encourages or even pressures people to dress well and pick the right fashion choices.