It was October 7 when it dawned on me. What am I passionate about? Let me count: 1) Beauty, 2) Service, 3) Nature, 4) Beaches, 5) Art, 6) Music, 7) Cleaning, 8) Relaxation, 9) Food, 10) Youth. I thought there is one thing that can merge these all together. A Hostel or Inn with a Diner or Nightclub on a naturist if or beach location. So now I have to channel my forces to make this a reality. The first concept that comes to mind is:

Zen Garden Ibiza – a three story narrow house in the party section of Ibiza, a low cost accomodation for the younger tourists. The attraction of this establishment is the Art Deco and a small Mediterranean style garden and benches that will get illuminated by multitude of tiny lights at night. Might have import Ylang Ylang or other scented flowers too. No need for club here as there are too many clubs.

Two other concepts in development: An Inn with an organic garden in Portland, the City of Roses. Another one is a beach front hostel in San Diego, which has a club!

So, I’ve just learned that Evan has impregnated someone and is keen on settling down, at 23. I guess Ray’s comment best describes this decision: “It’s like he left the party at 9 PM”. Me? I’m still partying at 5AM. Perhaps until its 7AM or until the bouncer throws me out. Lol.