“Retirement was invented by people not following their passions” – Anonymous

“If you are ugly, you need to be funny. If you are ugly and not funny, you need to have money” – Forgot where I heard this.

“The fewer friends you have the more special they become” – Pre-Riddler Edward Nygma, Gotham

After a long hiatus, I went back to the poker table to test my new mental state. The result is I was thrown out early. I have been consistently in the final table and I was expecting to fall at middle-of-the-pack. Post Mortem analysis. My new mental state is making me complacent, less sharp and calculating and too generous enough to the point of self-defeatism. Although My mind was pleased with my new blueprint, I felt like my subconscious self went on early retirement or a long vacation on learning my plans. I think it lacks ooomph. I have to aim at a grander scale and if I am not working hard to make it happen then I will be back to the drawing board.