Took the bus to Batangas and got stuck in slow moving traffic for about two hours. My thinking went homicidal. Who would want to subject people to this kind of torture. Yet people don’t look bothered and you see a lot of condo buildings being built. Interstellar is correct, you could not stop people from wanting it all even to the point where they choke each other (and the earth) to death. Now, I am afraid about the refugee crisis in Europe. What about the refugees who look safe and are not security risks because they believe that it is all roses in the West. What happens if they face the stark reality and get disillusioned and become suicidal/homicidal.

The ship going to Boracay is even worse. This trip does not deserve a tripadvisor thread. It’s like this is the travel option for the lowest rung of Pinoy society. I just fell into depression. The people are also very loud and noisy. Is this the coping mechanism for this s**t. The accomodation is a lot worse than the old Negros Navigation ships of 30 years ago. I would like to challenge Bill and Melinda Gates and all the feminists advocating the channelling of Western funds to maternal health to take this trip.

I am thinking of a crises happening in West in the future that will be caused by humans getting replaced by artificial intelligence and a society that is giving more entitlements. There will a more inequality and a descent into deteriorating economics for the general public. The rejection of refugees on the reason of use of public funds alone is a legitimate reason. Businesses should be positioned to cater to either the extremely wealthy or the lower middle class.