“If god is real then why did he create ugly people” Derek Zoolander, Zoolander

After arriving in Iloilo the first order of the day was to take a nostalgic stroll through Calle Real. Not much have changed, aside perhaps for Dainty being gone and that Allegro, Riviera and Regent are not theatres anymore. Shocked to see the Freedom grandstand painted like a rainbow with each layer having a different band of color. So Gay. Lol. Then I went to Roberto’s to buy pancit canton. Surprised to see the owner still cashiering  and was flirting with a kargador-type customer and more surprised to see that he didnt age much, in true bampira fashion. More gayness as wordings in their posters have gay lingo words like lafang meals or super lafang. He seemed surprised to see me. Did he even recognize me? Perhaps because I stood out from the little dark Ilonggos in the line up. Then he says “pancit canton has always been our best product”.

in other parts of Iloilo there have been big changes and I could not recognize most streets. Biggest realization. When you are a kid, things look bigger. The streets which I thought was too far and daunting when I was a kid were but a few easy strides. I went looking for an executive check-up and was surprised that St Paul’s and Doctors Hospital does not offer this anymore. So much for the health tourism. They said this was offered two years ago and was stopped. I have two guesses why this was stopped. First, there has been growing anti-overseas Filipinos and secondly there probably one over-his-head entitled person who sued the health system and the response was shutting down the service instead of jacking the price to cover insurance and other hassles.

i went to Sm city and tried the service where the fish eats the dead skin from your foot. It was too ticklish and I was laughing all the way. Then when it came to the bigger Carp fishes, I just begged off because it gave me Piranha paranoia. Took a haircut and the price was only 100 pesos. It was one of my best cut in years and was saddened at the price disparity between Pinas and Canada. Going around the mall, I could not see anything good looking. Only short dark people. If my memory serves me right, I thought Iloilo had better looking people. Times have changed? The prettier ones fled?