“People who love to eat are always the best people” – Julia Child

Looking at the big condos being built, I can’t help but wonder – Who are going to buy all these units? What are the industries that is going to sustain the economy?  Robert P says its the John B graduates while Raymund says its the retiring Ilonggos from abroad who will buy the units. Then there is the huge Gaisano development along the river. It appears the tycoons are beating each other trying to corner the real estate market.  And using their billions and in the process create more income inequality.

The food that I ate in Iloilo and Roxas were way below expectation. Did my taste buds change or is it just thee quality of cooking has diminished. The gambas, sushi plate, bangus sisig , sizzling squid were all disappointments.The nightlife though has gone leaps and bounds compared to old Iloilo. Roxas city (if it is even a city) is so backward and underdeveloped. Same with Kalibo.

now thinking of purchasing land in Boracay as means to park cash when my condo is sold. In a very optimistic scenario, I could build a boutique hostel with a rooftop club and advertised only outside of Philippines. Raymond P is trying to pimp Siquijor. He says he asked the owner why only Europeans go to the resort in Siquijor and why not Koreans. The owner responded that if the Koreans will come, then the Europeans will not come.

i have thought of an idea that in order to reduce population growth is to shame people who make a lot of children and struggle to raise them. The slogan will be “Huwag gumawa Kung di mo kaya”.