“If there are no risks, there is no money to be made” – Anonymous bbusinessperson


I stayed at a cheap Malate pension house which was the cheapest I can find. I tried inquiring at other hotels but they were four times pricier. But the amazing thing is while Filipinos are flocking at the expensive hotels, it is the foreigners who are staying at the cheap one. And even though it was cheap, foreigners who make up about 2/3 of the guests are still complaining that Philippines accomodation is more expensive than other Asian countries.  Another observation was that Pinoys are flocking to air-conditioned Starbucks but right beside it was a really cheap restaurant with street appeal yet foreigners are flocking to this dirty and crude establishment.

It is not that cheap in the Philippines, this I find out. Or at least prices are quite relative. On average I think, Pinoy food prices are only 10to 20% cheaper. A tall Starbucks coffee costs PHP 110 or $2.25 USD which is more expensive tha the ones in the US. In comparison the street food are very cheap and can buy one egg ball for only 3PHP, never mind converting.

Went on a medical checkup and it was smooth and the 100% female staff were funny and very accommodating. I officially gained five pounds based on my weight check. I tried to do fruit diet but to no avail as soon as I found Susan Latik and the Goldilocks menu and leche flan.

Traffic in Manila is worse. I think the people faced with this sh!t would be borderline psychotic. I’m not living in Manila. Even though Greenbelt is one of the prettiest spots on earth, I am disappointed by the crowd hanging out in Greenbelt. The beauty and the bakya combination just does not work.