“The best things in life are not things” – poster in Alubihod

“The reward ofentrepreneurship is financial freedom” – Kevin O’Leary, Shark Tank host.

Went back to Iloilo, visited Alubihod beach and was disappointed to see that the once naturist retreat beach is now a resort with not-so-good-looking buildings and structures. The quality of the sand was not as good as I remembered. The water is murky and there were lots of people too. The 3 kilometre dirt trail is now cemented. The only thing I enjoyed about this trip is the cheap tricycle ride (PHP 250) while getting to enjoy the backward scenery that is Guimaras.

I went to Trappist monastery and was not impressed by the products on display. They did not excite my taste buds. Much like the extra super special batchoy that made me vomit. I liked the Suman I bought from a street vendor which was only PHP 10.

Going around Iloilo, I can now see some pretty faces and they are holding unassuming occupations. It’s the bakya ones that are flocking to SM city. I’m still dreaming of a more developed and exclusive Pinas but it is almost impossible to stem the tide of population who wants to take a piece of the action. Boracay and El Nido being swamped with beggars, vagrants and undesirables is a prime example.

Passed through Taipei on the way back to Canada. I was hesitant in trying their food as I was thinking it is overpriced like in Japan and HK but surprised to see it is cheap. A combo ensemble that could sell for $15-20 was only sold for about $7

Caught a bug during my last day in Pinas which made me a bit upset. I need to factor my vulnerability to bacteria and virus in any analysis of living in Pinas. I have downgraded my rating for this Pinas trip to 2 stars out of five and I’m not planning to go back without any valid transaction.