“The pursuit of money destroys everything that is essential” – The Big Short

The city of Denver has been a bit of a puzzle for me because it is the biggest city in half the area of continental USA and it is right smack in the middle. That said, it was a very boring drive from Calgary to Denver and I will have to pass through two big states of Montana and Wyoming. I’m not planning on driving to Denver again. There is no bigger city directly north of Denver. In general, I liked Denver because it has big potential and I just wasn’t well knowledgable of the city yet. Experiencing Denver made me think of how unique each big city evolves. They each exhibit a unique character.

Positives for Denver:

  1. Western country laid back vibe with lots of artsy districts and the city’s image is dominated by hipsters. Even the city promotion posters which is supposed to feature families or women have hipsters front and center.
  2. Wide roads and very trendy Downtown.
  3. The mountain vistas are gorgeous although I think it is a notch lower than Calgary’s. Red Rocks ampitheatre and the city is very close to natural playgrounds.
  4. Pot is legal


  1. Lots of homeless people
  2. Cold weather despite being in a lower latitude

Other Stuff:

Decadence was held at the Colorado Convention Center and I thought the venue was too huge. There were a lot of partiers but the venue is still way big. I will probably refrain from attending a music festival in a cold weather setting as people are mostly wrapped or covered.

Pot doesn’t work for me. I actually took three times my intended dose because of the delay of the impact which came after about three hours. It only made me very sleepy and dizzy and I had a slight headache after. I m not sure how people extract happiness from this state.