February – Pinas Trip. Karaoke with RK2. Fairways and Blue Water. Meets Pacheco and Joey.

March – Kings of Leon concert with Jason and Heather.

April – Buys Condo!

May – Meet Evan. Road trip to Saskatchewan and golfing with Evan and Ray.

June – Trip to Sylvan Lake with Evan and Ray. Canada Day fireworks with Evan and Ray and weird French girl.

July – Best Stampede. 50 Cent, Snoop Dog and Iggy Azalea concerts with Evan and Ray. Hot truck episode.

August – Banff capstone for Masters

September – Last course for Masters at Edmonton, graduates. One of the hottest encounters.

September to October – Golf extravaganza with Ray, at least 2 per week at different golf courses.

November – took train to Portland and Eugene. Hot pierced encounter in Eugene. Golfing.

December – 2nd Winter Road Trip – Boise, Reno, Tahoe, Redding, Eugene. Hottest encounter in Eugene. Called back to Calgary for Dinner buffet with Evan.


March – Sta. Monica, Indian Wells Masters and Pot of Gold Music festival.

April – Comic con with Ray

May – Imagine Dragon concert with Ray and two girls. Chicago, Charlottesville and Indy 500.

June – Chambers Bay US Open in Seattle, Hot encounter in Portland, What The festival in Oregon.

July – Hot Stampede encounter.

August – took train to Minneapolis, Summer Set music festival, PGA Championship and Jason Day winning, Hot episode in Green Bay.

September – Barcelona, Clubbing in Ibiza, Milan dinner with RK2

October – Banff trip, Thanksgiving dinner, golf and clubbing with Ray

November – Pinas Trip

December – Third winter trip. Decadence in Denver.