“I’m not a natural politician” – Hillary Clinton

So I finally arrived at Salt Lake City, the last metropolis in the Western half of the US that I haven’t visited. The last piece of the western half of the puzzle. Before reaching SLC I was able to visit two of the top ski towns in North America – Jackson, Wyoming #3 and Park City, Utah, #6. Both were a study of contrasts. Jackson has the old nostalgic frontier town feel while Park City is very new and modern.

They call Jackson WY as Jackson Hole because of the impression of going into a hole when approaching the town. In short, the road going to Jackson is very steep and scary. Still I like Jackson very much because it is hip and playful and has attracted the young in-crowd. It has a town square with rowdy bars right in the middle of town.

Park City on the other hand has very new condo and commercial structures. There is one ski hill that flows directly into the middle of the Main Street and two others inside city limits. It is very hip and trendy. The downside is that it is susceptible to global warming. You can see that all other mountains around PC has no snow. It could end up looking like Palm Springs in the future.

Salt Lake City is now my new favorite. It has perhaps the most attractive populace in the US so far. The downtown area and the malls are very pretty. It looks like this city was built at a very good pace and it has not peaked yet. The roads are wide, it is located beside the mountains and you could see towering mountains as backdrop.