“Each to his own gifts” – Spock, Star Trek: Wrath of Khan

“Smart people want fewer friends…because they have more important things to do”. – according to a study as overheard from the radio.

There are long drives in this trip but no regrets as I have covered a lot of area. But next time hopefully this won’t be this rush.

Moab is very energetic town from the roar of the motorbikes and off-road vehicles. This town looks like a setting for a Mad Max type of adventure. I looked for a campsite and was amazed at the picturesque rock scenery tucked away in the back roads. Went to the farthest campsite and was lucky to get one of two spots left. Will be coming back but I should remember to book in advance.

I had the windiest drive from Moab to the Grand Canyon. I have to go to a crawl in order not to get blown off the road. Was not impressed with Monuments Valley as I am not really a fan of Western-movie type setting anyways.

The Grand Canyon was about 3 or 5 times bigger than I expected. Lots of tourists and the parking lots are overflowing. A young guy was scrutinizing my car plate and shouts Alberta! like my car was a rare find. I liked the diversity of the landscape surrounding the canyon – tall pines, short pines, shrubs, desert. Verdict: Not likely to return.