I thought Denver had the best motto that accentuates its claim as weed capital – “The mile HIGH city”. But Portland beats this. Because just take away the R from the name and it becomes Potland! LOL.

Out of curiosity, I went into Bagdad movie theatre in the Hawthorne district and surprised with the interior that looks like you have entered the Sultan’s chamber. The movie comes with a convenient table and the screen was huge and modern as I watched “The Jungle Book”. I paid only $7.50 which is way below the $12 I pay in commercial theatre chains. This theatre could easily be attraction but I’m wondering why no ads for this.

Portland has a bit of an aversion for the commercial chains as there are only a few of them and more of the small business types. I try to patronize these small shops as they are eclectic, bold and have little chance with the general populace. Rimsky-Korsacoffee?

One other downside for Portland is that it has a lot of activists. I cannot imagine three people trying to get signatures for different kinds of causes in one street corner. Thank goodness I’m not an Oregon voter.

I bought a complete set of hiking gear from Next Adventure. They have the best selection of affordable camping gear. I bought a 50 liter backpack, a sleeping bag, a solo tent, a reflector sleeping pad, a camping pot, freeze dried foods and water purifying tablets.

Everyone is talking about the weather. About the record breaking 30 degree weather in this time of the year. I’m just enjoying it. It’s glorious.

Epic fail in the costume department yet again. Next time I need to really look the part. Grow a moustache, goatee, wear a T-shirt wrist bands, necklaces and most of all, get rid of my corporate bulges, they are so revealing. LOL.