“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” – anonymous

Just about finished with my trip to PDX, the second in as many months, and I’m going to miss it. Last night’s 80’s Video Attack Dance Party was a memorable “send off” party. It’s the first time I saw some of those videos and it was nostalgic, especially The Cure, Depeche Mode, INXS and Erasure. One thing I noticed is that despite the decade being thirty years back, it seemed more gay progressive with The likes of Culture Club, Pet Shop Boys, Wham, Erasure, Soft Cell, Dead or Alive. And most of the artists look like they are wearing drag outfits. And they all seemed to enjoy it. No big deal. Nowadays, there is only Sam Smith and there is too much noise from the likes of Macklemore.

Looks like the reward of this trip is that my plans have now firmed up and it’s now time to take concrete measures. First off, I will have to cancel that meet-up thingie as it is a worthless distraction. Then I will have to embark on trifecta of sustainable, self-reliant, guilt-free endeavours – Food, Farming and Eco-hostelling.

The first project is the food cart specializing on Thai or Hawaiian Food. This will be the start-up and training for other future food/cooking projects. It’s convenient because it  will be not a big investment and it is mobile. The next iteration which will happen on year 2 or 3 will be a ramen stall that also features boxed Thai food.

The second project will be farming. This will start as gardening in year 1, the expand as urban farming in year 2 and then move on to a farming scale in year 3. Other related concepts will be greenhouse solutions, communal farming and hydroponics.

The third project will be an Eco-hostel in Oregon that will feature a small farm ala Bahay Kubo, “and halaman doon ay sari-sari”. But this won’t start until at least year 3.

And I can still work as accountant and play stocks on the side. My motivation for staying in the accounting profession is to “box out” the undeserving, scheming and nasty politicians masquerading as accountants.