“Plan less, explore more” – Anthony Bourdain

It has been about 25 days since I started my weight loss regimen and I lost 10 pounds, going down to 148 lbs from 158 lbs. I think this is the lowest I have been in the last 20 years and beat the 149 lbs I achieved two years ago. I have about 10 more days before I head to a long vacation and I’m planning to lose another 3 lbs.

The process of cleaning up the junk I have accumulated in the last 20 is a more stressful exercise. I sold some of my stuff through online – the poker set, magic bullet, etc. I cant believe I have wasted money buying all this junk.

I developed a strategy that instead of keeping all this junk and even pay for storage, I would just ship them to PH. The cost of shipping is cheaper than paying for storage. Plus, these stuff would be better received over there if I decide to donate it/give it away. So, from one balikbayan box, it is turning out to be five balikbayan boxes.

I have gone through two or three rounds of cleanup of personal stuff and they are still substantial. I noted all the memorabilia and despite the urge to spend more time with them I decided to just pack them all. And I thought, when do I really have time to spend on these memorabilia? I suppose, it is between very limited time to none at all. I will have to go through another round and perhaps just keep the most most most important memorabilia. Also, I have resolved to refrain from keeping unnecessary items and always live the moment.

I just read an article about the average net worth of Canadians and looking at the table I noted that I was just in the upper 60-70%. Bummer. Yeah, I recall that North Americans get an average of 200,000 in inheritance. So, I have decided to reduce my planned downtime and I should not be idle during this period and intensify my diversification project so I can achieve being in the upper 75%-80%. And, I have to change my style as well and not focus on monetary strategy and employ gimmicks and attitude as well.