“Growing your own food is like printing your own money”. – Ron Finley

Japan looked very clean and orderly and seemed like any other western country except that there are asians in it.

Japanese is perhaps the most comical language in the world. Being in Tokyo seemed like you are in an anime movie. The Japanese talk a lot and they sound exactly like in the movies with their unique inflections.

Something in Japan and the Japanese that makes me want to go on a samurai rampage and i mean that in a good way, sort of like creating your own Japanese action drama.

At the Tokyo airport, I saw a beauty queen wearing a gown, complete with sash and tiara casually strolling around. Onlookers sounded like they were saying “Who is this lukaret?”. And as expected, she is from PH.

Have been in PH for three days. Was surprised that SM food court was reorganized and the small time vendors are now replaced with the franchises.

I was fortunate to see two separate trade shows for Central Luzon and Panay and i may have to conclude that despite the big improvements in packaging, very few items are exportable.

The marketing of PH products are geared to the PH population and looked very foreign, even to me.

I think the pivot away from US and EU is practical because PH is a very Asian economy with little exposure to Western trade. I passed by Makati Golf club and there were only three restaurants outside – Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Is PH the ghetto of Asia?

PH is like a virtual sauna. Very hot and humid and it looks like you are perpetually perspiring and feel oily.

Finally, I see some western tourists at the domestic airport and they are all heading to either Palawan or Boracay.

The only good experience is when I did a random haircut which was very cheap and the skilled barber gave me a good scalp massage which according to him is to stimulate my dying hair follicles. It was very good.

I was lucky to find a time window and the airfares were cheaper than they were in my prior searches. Flew from Manila to Kalibo but landed in Iloilo due to inclement weather. I was one of only 3 people who decided to disembark in Iloilo. Such is the weird behaviour coming from someone on hiatus. You can just decide where to go at will and unscheduled.